About Empower

Trusted IT Company Since 2003

Empower Solutions is a 21 years old Web and Mobile Development Software outsourcing company offering customized and robust solutions to various clients across USA, Germany, Belgium, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. with strong multi years continuing partnerships. We offer highly cost effective and optimized solutions that facilitate our clients to achieve their business outcomes with speed and convenience. We have delivered turnkey solutions for  Web Enterprise Applications, NET Consulting & Development, Mobile Application Development, Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Serverless Cloud Computing , Amazon Web Services (AWS), Outsourced Product Development and Open Source Technologies.

Business to Business (B2B)

Empower specializes in developing software Platforms & B2B portals which cater to the business needs of customers which are then used for managing the business processes of… Read More

Health and Life Sciences

We have implemented a personalized care delivery platform that enables providers to make better-informed, timely decisions about their patients by providing a 360 degree… Read More

Business Process Management

We have provided software solutions automating the business workflows for Project Management industry, Manufacturing, Transactional Processes… Read More

Customized CMS

Today’s world is driven by the presentation of your Content. We pride ourselves in creating a varied range of customized CMS Systems which generates state of the art Websites… Read More

Social Security

We have developed software which tracks Registered Sex offenders and maintains an updated database from all the 50 states of the US. We have also developed software… Read More

BI and Data Analytics

Empower has provided 360 Degree Web monitoring and big data analytics solutions comprising Web and Email Pixel tracking amounting close to billion hits per month to… Read More

Internet of Things

Empower Solutions has been a valued technology partner for its clients in providing software for the Internet of Things applications. Empower has developed a… Read More

Outsourced Product Development

We act as technology partners for our clients in creating financially viable MVPs for their product ideas. Empower gives a technology implementation to their ideas with immense… Read More


We have developed powerful customizable Online Transportation booking platforms for Coaches & Journeys, Sightseeing Tours and Activity Providers. These online ticketing… Read More

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Consumer marketing sites, Ecommerce Sites, Social networking for Business are some of the areas in which we have worked, to ensure that the business is able to reach the end… Read More

Customized CRM

Our customized CRM systems have included Automated Lead Generation tools, products & service packages, Invoicing, Accounts Management, Communication Management… Read More

Media and Information Services

We have developed real time story sync app for a live TV show. The app runs real time polls managing the multiple US Time zones. You can replay the scenes, answer trivia… Read More

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Application development is an integral part of today’s digital world. We architect and develop a wide range of native and hybrid mobile applications. Our spectrum of mobile… Read More


Digitization in manufacturing industry helps them to be better performers. It helps in becoming an enabler of systems and information where they did not exist… Read More