Our custom AI model, designed for EdTech, Healthcare, and FinTech applications, provides deep analytical capabilities and enhances decision-making processes. This advanced solution includes features such as PDF scanning, OCR, audio-to-text conversion, and multilingual support. It also features the development of bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs) and real-time interaction capabilities through web sockets, ensuring a seamless integration with existing systems and adherence to industry-specific standards.


Empower Solutions developed “Wallets on the Fly,” a secure and scalable platform for real-time mobile payments and banking. Designed for brands and retailers, it enables the creation of mobile wallets for payments, loyalty, and marketing. The platform includes a cross-wallets exchange feature, offering a robust queuing system and wallet connector to support seamless transactions across different wallet companies.


Digitization in manufacturing industry helps them to be better performers. It helps in becoming an enabler of systems and information where they did not exist, reducing turnaround times, improving productivity, cutting costs, making processes convenient. We have systematized complex manufacturing processes and provided solutions to automate the business processes.

Internet of things

Empower Solutions has been a valued technology partner for its clients in providing software for the Internet of Things applications. Empower has developed a Software Solution which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connectivity between a portable chemical analyzer and a mobile device. The portable chemical analyzer analyses the organic material and the results are transmitted via BLE to the mobile device.

Business to Business (B2B)

Empower specializes in developing software Platforms & B2B portals which cater to the business needs of customers which are then used for managing the business processes of many of their clientbase by automating Workflow Management Systems, Content Management Systems, CRM Platforms, Marketing processes & tools. We have developed solutions providing Google AdWords.

Business Process Management

We have provided software solutions automating the business workflows for Project Management industry, Manufacturing, Transactional Processes, Task Scheduling Systems & Productivity Management Solutions and presenting them in a simple & easy to use UI/UX.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Consumer marketing sites, Ecommerce Sites, Social networking for Business are some of the areas in which we have worked, to ensure that the business is able to reach the end consumer.

Health and Life Sciences

We have implemented a personalized care delivery platform that enables providers to make better-informed, timely decisions about their patients by providing a 360 degree view of patient’s health. It provides “patient relevant” alerts, treatment guidelines,recommendations and diagnostic suggestions that are based on intelligently.


We have developed powerful customizable Online Transportation booking platforms for Coaches & Journeys, Sightseeing Tours and Activity Providers. These online ticketing and customer management solutions can be configured precisely to the needs of transport and leisure business operators, their staff and customers, agents and affiliate channels worldwide, where they can define the types viz.

Social Security

We have developed software which tracks Registered Sex offenders and maintains an updated database from all the 50 states of the US. We have also developed software solutions that incorporate opening & maintaining safe document vaults & data repositories on the web for complete data & document Intellectual Property protection & processing digitized transactions in a completely secure environment.

Customized CMS

Today’s world is driven by the presentation of your Content. We pride ourselves in creating a varied range of customized CMS Systems which generates state of the art Websites and Mobile applications with just a few clicks of the buttons. We have developed CMS with amazing design editors, page templates, innumerous flexible styling options, form builders, mobile templates.

Customized CRM

Our customized CRM systems have included Automated Lead Generation tools, products & service packages, Invoicing, Accounts Management, Communication Management, Emailing, SMS, Integration with 3rd party tools for Call Tracking & recording. We have developed a Telemarketing Cloud platform for services like lead generation, verification, qualification, nurturing etc.

Outsourced Product Development

We act as technology partners for our clients in creating financially viable MVPs for their product ideas. Empower gives a technology implementation to their ideas with immense Cost benefits, Expertise in developing highly intricate and large products irrespective of their
business domains & processes.

Media and Information Services

We have developed real time story sync app for a live TV show. The app runs real time polls managing the multiple US Time zones. You can replay the scenes, answer trivia questions, gauge the threat levels, etc. In the web publishing industry, we have also developed APIs & customizable widgets to provide redistributed and customized Real time newsfeeds under one umbrella.

BI and Data Analytics

Empower has provided 360 Degree Web monitoring and big data analytics solutions comprising Web and Email Pixel tracking amounting close to billion hits per month to some of our end customers. We have provided solutions right from traffic acquisition, tracking scripts, log processing, aggregation and analytics of the Website visitors and providing key performance indicators and highly intuitive Visualization Dashboards.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Application development is an integral part of today’s digital world. We architect and develop a wide range of native and hybrid mobile applications. Our spectrum of mobile applications ranges from Business Apps, Productivity Apps, Live Streaming Apps, Gaming Apps, Social Media Apps to Utility Apps. We have also developed various showcase applications for a mobile cloud platform.